Ed Freeman Abstractions


I have always been drawn to the edges of things – the outer limits, the transitional point where one thing turns into another. Frontier towns, sunsets, coastlines. I am fascinated by the ever-narrowing DMZ that separates photography and painting, capture and manipulation. I love the indefinable place between realism and abstraction, severity and sensuality, repetition and randomness. These images are the result of exploring those borderlines.

I am a photographer but these are not photographs. I am not a painter but these are paintings – except that they are not painted.

They start out as photographs. At first glance, the subject matter of the original images might seem random – nudes, crumpled paper, clear acetate, PVC pipe, eggs, distressed metal, ball bearings, cactus – but these choices are very deliberate. The abstractions, which range from slight to completely non-objective, are the result of distortions, both in-camera and in the computer, and selective layering of anywhere between two and several dozen separate images.

The resultant pictures are a meditation on beauty, the limits of believability, complexity and simplicity, order and chaos.

Don’t worry about understanding them. These pictures are not intended to be understood. “Understanding is the booby prize.”